Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My First Time...

HELLOOOOOOOO BLOGGING!!! Wow! My very first blog...oh boy! I am a BLOGGER!! :) WHOOOTT! WHOOTTT!!! To be honest I have never EVER blogged, and in fact (to add insult to injury) never read blogs...But it is my promise to start doing both more!

I LAH-OVE making people feel FABULOUS when they put in a piece of Freshly Fused jewelry or recieve one as a gift! :) I make this wonderful wearable art by taking dichroic glass, hand cutting it, stacking it, then firing it in a kiln (all with lots of love) I basically just do pendants and earrings currently...HOWEVER, (drum roll please) dum dum dum dum...DUMMMMM Cocktail rings will be up soon!! what is better than a FAB piece of jewelry with a yummy cocktail?? You put these two together and you have something WONDERFUL! This may not be the most exciting news to you but hey, it's my blog! Actually I am going to enjoy this blogging thing! :)

I will be doing my best to put pictures up here before I put up my listing on that way you get the first please check back often to see what new project I have been working on! I love comments and love, so please feel free to leave both!

Ok off to watch Top Chef!!! Bye!!

Lots of love,