Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, New Freshly Fused items in the shop!

AHHHH the Holidays are OVER! In a way it's sad to see them go, but then again, it is nice to get a FRESH start! :) With all the running around, jewelry parties, and presents my inventory is dangerously low! But don't fret, new items are going to be coming up before you know it, such as recycled wine bottles that I slump down to make cheese plates, appetizer plates, candle holders etc! I am also going to expand into sushi plates, cuff links, sun catchers and a few surprise items so please make sure to check back often at to check in on all the new goods before they sell out!

I hope that everyone has a WONDERFUL and prosperous 2010!

Peace and Love,
Freshly Fused

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