Friday, September 11, 2009


I recently went to visit my best friend in North Carolina and AHHHHH the weather was so refreshing and such a great change from the heat wave of Florida it really made me think about what fun it is to start changing the closets over to your sweaters and to those crisp earth tones that seem so inviting against a backdrop of colorful changing leaves, the crisp fall air, and all the wonders that make up Fall! It’s funny actually – looking at a pond with this amazing backdrop that I so vividly remember from growing up in Connecticut, is just like looking at a piece of FreshlyFused glass that from each angle shimmers and explodes of color. I hope to get back in the studio next week to start working on some more fall inspired pieces that I will share with you in hopes that you also can also be inspired and excited from the beginning of a new season!

Cheers to sweaters, apple cider, playing in leaves, dark beer and of course…New Wearable Art for the season!!

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